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25 Dec 18

This video was made in 2014 but people need to hear it again. It is now 6 days from 2019 and I am doing more than I did then in 2014. I also experience that if you hurt yourself your body heals faster than you did when you were younger. Take control of your own health. You will live longer. Give your body what it needs and your body will repair IT SELF.

Give yourself a Christmas present. Open you mind NOW! Get the understanding of controlling your own health before it is too late for you.
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15 Apr 16

Robert Spiller 313-870-8923

prostate cancer Robert Spiller

30 Mar 16

Prostate Cancer Robert Spillerprostate cancer Robert Spiller I am asking for your help

About a month ago, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. No its not terminal
and hasn’t mastastized yet, and I don’t want to do any type of radiation
implants, surgeries, especially removing the prostate. I want to take a
natural approach…….

14 Jun 14


I, Joyce R. Greene (410-963-2556), have a testimony about overcoming being overweight. A little over two years ago, I weighed about 200 lbs. I lost about 40 to 45 lbs in two months using ASAP. Now I weigh about 150 lbs and have kept the weight off. View my videos on YouTube that tell my story of the last two years.
I had sciatica, a herniated disk, crushing disk from c2-c7, my arm was ripped from a fall-even the ligaments were torn. I had acid reflux which led to an emergency open chest surgery. This was due to a digestive disorder from birth. I had arthritis which caused a deformed leg, heart flutters, asthma, and many other ailments. I thought that this was just a part of life at the age of 54 years old, until I started taking Minerals and Vitamin from Youngevity
I am now 62 years young and I have been taking mineral for about 6 years.
A little over two years ago Youngevity, under Dr Joel Wallach, added in a new product called ASAP. This product is for weight loss. My daughter wanted to try it so I tried it with her. This product can help you loose from ½ to 2 or 4 pounds per day. My daughter told me that you have to show people what you are talking about because people accept what they see better then what they hear. AS THEY SAY: SEEING IS BELIEVING. So we set out to do just that, SHOW THEM. Now I have continued this for the last two or more years
After losing over 40-45 lbs, I realized that it is not about looking good but it is about becoming healthier. Looking good is the icing on the cake, that is the fun part of getting healthy
Afterwards I realized that my knee did not hurt; I can run up and down the steps; I can move my whole body better. I can carry my own groceries into the house. I can climb a ladder; I can pick up things without struggling; I do not get out of breath. I can work from sun up to sun down without any breaks and can do so many other things. After twenty years of not being able to wear heels I can put on 2 inch high heels and strut up and down the halls and the steps.
It is so unbelievable that I can hardly believe it myself. All this because I lost weight and took minerals. Not only does ASAP make you loose weight but it makes you look younger. ASAP tightens your skin along with all your other body parts. It makes quick action of your loosing weight. You will not gain your weight back. You must follow directions and stay on the same eating regiment for at least 3 weeks after you stop taking the ASAP. Your metabolism will be reset by that time. Following these directions will finalize your weight stability (very important). Your body metabolism will have been reset to the new body weight.
I eat anything I want and my weight does not go back up because my body has the 90 essential minerals we need. My body is not craving for things it already has. You now have learned that your body craves for the minerals and you are going to keep the minerals that you need in your diet. Also the minerals and vitamins that you have been taking as a supplement, for what is lacking in our food, will help you to maintain the weight loss. Continuous supplementation will keep your weight down.
Our food is lacking nutrition. This is the reason we get fat in the first place. Supplementation will keep you from craving again which also keeps your body well. The reason people get fat in the first place is because by nature we crave what our body needs. Our bodies need these mineral and vitamins that are no longer in our top soil. So supplementation is the only way that we can get all 90 essential Nutrients.
I no longer have problems like I had before: allergies, could not breathe well, legs pains, heartburn, aches and pains everywhere, no body strength. I realized then that being OVERWEIGHT is what is killing us. The lack of nutrients in the top soil leads us to becoming overweight. Overweight leads to diabetes, heart problems, digestion problem, arthritis and more. Our eating habits are by nature causing us to open our months and eat anything and everything until the body finds the right thing that puts minerals back. So if people do not supplement with minerals, their body will continue to make them fat. Our body needs to be satisfied with the minerals that it is looking for. The brain’s natural craving for minerals is greater then our ability to refrain from overeating
I used to be a borderline diabetic and have borderline high blood pressure. I was almost in a wheelchair. But I am not anymore. Overweight also brings on diseases such as cancer. Minister Azandra made this statement after taking Youngevity products for over two year. Before she started the products she was diagnosed with cancer. Now, two years later she says “no chemotherapy, no radiation and Iam still here “.
So to sum it up, loose weight like I did over two years ago, get healthy and have fun doing it because that is the best part. Also, continue to supplement to stay healthy. Your body is self-repairing. Supplementation with Nutrition is Life Saving.
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20 Mar 14

Hi Guys
My cousin always told me that life will teach you all you want to know. I have learned to understand that she is right.
On my journey of aging I have learned that the more you are opened to learn going through life the more you are preparing for the different stages of life.
Also, if you are open to except that the world is changing, the better chances you will have to survive though the change.
I am all about spreading the world in the ever changing health and wellness. So I want to tell you a quick story. I HAD a friend that would only listen to the doctor and not check out things for herself. We both worked as care providers. One of my client got cancer, but she was open minded and after using nature things along with what her doctor prescribed she when into remission within 3 months. Now later my friend got sick, she started to use the nature produces but she stopped. She could still be her if she learned more before she got sick.
All this is to say if you want to help your friends and relatives help them learn as much as they can while they are still well, because if you get sick, your own knowledge will kick in to help you make better choose.
This is Joyce R Greene
Be Blessed

22 Jan 14

Opportunities don’t go away they just go to someone else
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5 Dec 13

Hi Guys
I decided to start sharing some of my video collections again. Starting with Andre Vaughn.
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5 Nov 13

Hi Guys
You just got to look at this video (Multiple Streams of Income – Bishop T D Jakes). It sums up everything that I have been saying
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13 Oct 13

Today I installed Windows Live Writer on my computer so now I will be able to share with my viewers without even going to my Blog. I hope this will be an enjoyable experience

Joyce Greene

joyce pic 3 with Darline

18 Jul 13



Joyce R Greene 410-963-2556
I have known Andre Vaughn since 2004. He is a great guy to know and to be associated with. Following his lead, teaches you persistence, commitment, dedication and focus. He demonstrates what he teaches, and that is to continue to walk forward no matter what type of weather your life is in. He says to continue to walk whether the sun is shining or it is thunder storming.
I had a real life experience of that demonstrates what he spoke about. One day when I left out, to go somewhere, a terrible storm came up. It started to rain with hail stones as big as marble. The hail was cracking car windows. I pulled on the beltway and could hardly see the car in front of me. I pulled off to the side of the road for a moment, but then I thought that if I could not see the other cars they could not see me either. I quickly pull off and within about 2 minutes, down the beltway the sun was shining and the ground was not even wet. It look like a different day altogether. All the people that stayed in the area that I left were in the storm for over a half an hour. I was out of it in 2 minutes.
So remember, just like Andre Vaughn said to keep going no matter what weather your life is in, sun shiny or stormy. Because in minutes you can come out of your storm to a NEW DAY